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Dreamstation Reusable Filters Package

Respironics Dreamstation Filters 1pk Standard and 2pk Fine Filter

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Includeds 1 Standard Filter and 2pk Fine Filters

The Reusable Filter for DreamStation Machines - 1 Pack (Replacement for Dark Blue Reusable Filter)

is a generic, reusable filter designed for the DreamStation CPAP Machines. Clean and reuse this filter throughout its lifecycle. To follow the suggested cleaning schedule, wash the filter at least once every other week. To increase the success of the filtration system, use this reusable filter with the Disposable Fine Filter for DreamStation Machines (Replacement for Light Blue Reusable Filter). Together, the filters are intended to catch small and large particles, preventing them from entering the machine from the surrounding environment.

The Disposable Fine Filter for DreamStation Machines - 2 Pack (Replacement for Light Blue Disposable Filter)

is a 2 pack of generic, fine filters designed for use with DreamStation CPAP machines. These filters are used to block fine particles from entering the CPAP machine from the atmosphere. The manufacturer suggests using the Reusable Filter for DreamStation Machines in addition to the disposable filter. Together, the filters are intended to catch fine particles and larger particles such as dirt. The reusable filter is not included with this purchase. The option to select the reusable filter is offered while adding this product to the cart. Replace the fine filter every 30 days, or earlier if signs of damage or dirt appear. This filter must be replaced; it cannot be washed.