Luna II CPAP Filter Made in the USA Disposable 6 Pack by 3B Medical – CleanCPAP
Luna II CPAP Filter Disposable 6 Pack by 3B Medical
Luna II CPAP Filter Disposable 6 Pack by 3B Medical

Luna II CPAP Filter Disposable 6 Pack by 3B Medical

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Luna II Air Filter Disposable 6 Pack


Made in the USA White Disposable filter for the Luna II series PAP device should be replaced monthly or sooner if showing signs of wear.  The disposable filters offer a higher level of filtration over the foam reusable filter.  

Regular cleaning of the Luna II PAP Device and its accessories is especially important for the prevention of respiratory infections.  CPAP, BPAP, BiPAP, BiLEVEL sanitizing machines are also recommended.  The Luna series either comes with a (White) Disposable Filter or a (Black) Foam Reusable Filter.  The 2 different filters should not be used together at the same time. 

Part Number: CF8005-6PL

MFG Part Number: LG1020

Compatible Devices:


Luna II

Replacement Parts:

Luna II Water Chamber

    Cleaning Procedures:

    Cleaning the Water Chamber - Remove the water chamber from the PAP device.  Open the top of the water chamber and hand wash with a mild liquid soap, rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.  Alternatively a sanitizing machine can be used.

    Cleaning the Enclosure (exterior of PAP device) - Wipe the exterior surface with a soft cloth to remove dust as needed.

    Instructions depend on which type of filter you are using.  Luna II is offered with a Disposable Filter or a Reusable Filter.  The filters are not to be used together at the same time. 

    If using Disposable Filter (White) - It is recommended to replace the Disposable filter monthly or sooner as needed if showing signs of wear. 

    If using Reusable Filter (Black foam)- It is recommended to handwash the filter weekly.  Note it is important the filter be completely dry before placing back into the PAP device.  The reusable filter should be replaced every 6 months or sooner if the filter is showing signs of wear.

    Recommended Replacement Intervals:

    Nasal Cushion: 1-3 Months

    Mask Frame: 6 Months

    Headgear: 3-6 Months

    Tubing: 3-6 Months

    Water Chamber: 3-6 Months

    Reusable Filter: 3-6 Months

    Disposable Filter: Monthly


    Returns accepted within 30 Day of receiving.  Return of CPAP / BiLEVEL devices will only be accepted if in "New" and "Unused" condition.  Customers are responsible for any return shipping cost.


    Replacement CPAP or BiLEVEL components DO NOT require an Rx.