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BreathWear Series Nasal Mask
BreathWear Series Nasal Mask
BreathWear Series Nasal Mask
BreathWear Series Nasal Mask
BreathWear Series Nasal Mask
BreathWear Series Nasal Mask
BreathWear Series Nasal Mask

BreathWear Series Nasal Mask

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BreathWear Series Nasal Mask by Yuwell


The BreathWear Nasal Mask is light, flexible, and quiet.  It weighs only 2.3 oz making the BreathWear Series one of the lighter CPAP masks on the market. Cushion sizes Small, Medium, and Large.  Optional separate headgear is available to complete the mask by selecting the add-on above. 

Yuwell BreathWear Series is an affordable, high-quality alternative if you use the Resmed N20 Nasal Mask.  


The Nasal Cushion snaps into place for easy removal or change.  This feature also allows the use of different Cushion sizes if needed.  The bridge of the nose is the most challenging area for any CPAP mask to seal.  BreathWear Nasal CPAP mask features adaptive easy flex technology with a U-shaped feature in the nose bridge area made of high-flex silicone that gently compresses creating a reliable seal without generating excessive pressure.  The inside of the mask features an Ultra Comfort Seal Tight section of thin silicone further increasing nose bridge sealing and comfort. 

The 4-point mounting system allows easy fitting and evenly balances forces from the headgear to create the best seal and greatest comfort.

The 4-point quick release headgear clips allow the mask to be easily removed with just two quick movements and allows easy donning without adjusting the headgear. This feature reduces fidgeting with the mask after donning and helps ensure repeatable location of the mask on the patient's face ensuring the greatest comfort and reliable sealing.

The ultralight and thin headgear is easy to position and keeps your head cool throughout the night.

Quick release supply hose connection makes bathroom breaks a snap without removing the mask in the dark.  

Mask venting is an ultra-quiet honeycomb design pattern that minimizes disturbances. 

Replacement Parts:

Nasal Cushion



BreathWear Nasal Mask User Manual



Cleaning Procedures:

Handwash cushion daily and all other components weekly with mild soap and water.  The alternative is to utilize a CPAP sanitizer and mask wipes

Replacement Intervals:

Nasal Cushion: 1-3 Months

Mask Frame: 6 Months

Headgear: 3-6 Months

Cushion or Pillow Material


Mask Type

Nasal Mask


30 day satisfaction guarantee and 90 day warranty


2.3 oz

Operation pressure range

4 to 30 cmH20

Mask Guarantee

30 Day satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, simply contact us with your order number and we will gladly start the return process for you.  Customers are responsible for any return shipping cost.


Not required.  Components of the mask are itemized and sold with or without a separate headgear.