Solutions Swivel Tubing Mount – CleanCPAP
CSolutions Swivel Tubing Mount
Wall mount holding tube
Wall mount holding tube
Wall mount holding tube
Solutions Swivel Tubing Mount

Solutions Swivel Tubing Mount

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• Wall / Headboard Mounting Plate

• 360 degree swivel tubing clip - moves with you.

• Attaches using 3M Command Strip

• Dont let your tubing manage you. - Doubles as a place to hang your mask

• 1 year warranty

CSolutions Cpap Tubing Swivel Wall - Headboard Mount.

What's included?

Wall Plate with Command Strip

22mm Swivel Tubing Clip & 19mm Swivel Tubing Clip

1-year warranty

Our Robust Wall / Headboard mount system will keep your tubing in check. No crazy retractable parts! No crazy metal hooks hanging over your bed! Simple and to the point with a 1-year warranty. The Wall Plate attaches to any surface using a 3M Command strip. The 2 included Swivel Tubing Clip snaps firmly onto standard and heated cpap tubing.

Mounting positions vary from individual needs.  
Find the desired location.

Remove backing from Command strip.

Place on desired surface and wait one hour.

Slide Swivel Tubing Clip into the Wall Plate

Press cpap tube into clip until it snaps in place

It is not necessary to unclip your tube from the Swivel Tubing Clip for cleaning. Simply slide clip out of the Wall Plate with the tubing still attached. When you are ready to put back, simply slide clip back into the Wall Plate. It's that simple. If the position of the Wall Plate needs to be moved simply pull down on the command strip to release. 1 replacement Command strip is included for repositioning.

Bonus! - Strong enough to double as a place to hang your mask when not using